Can't load anymore racks

I’m using version 1.6 and I can’t seem to add anymore racks. No error message comes up, it just wont load the rack but shows that I’ve added the rack on my account page. Any thoughts ?

The library is for V2 of VCV Rack. A module or plugin which you have added there, will not show up in any earlier version.

You can get VCV Rack 2 - Virtual Eurorack Studio here. But not all plugins are updated yet, a small amount of modules used in your older patches will not show up.

OK so just to be clear, the library no longer works for V1 or did I just accidentally click on a rack that will only work for V1 ? Is this something that just happened ? I haven’t had this problem before.

I think I just figured it out. Some racks are for V2 and others are not. Got it. Thanks for your help.