Can't Choose Interface

The VCV audio interfaces have always been buggy but now I just can’t get them to work at all. As soon as I try to select an interface it freezes and crashes. I have a MOTU Ultralite MK3 that works perfectly well with other programs.

what OS and driver?

I had that a few weeks ago, think I had some dodgy ASIO drivers (I’d been experimenting with a few different freeware ones). Ended up reinstalling Windows and just using the Realtek ASIO that installed automatically. Not sure if that helpes you much! Also, I’ve been creating a lot of guitar effects patches, and need to use two audio interfaces, one for getting the sound into rack via USB interface from an external guitar preamp, and one for getting sound out using a different driver. Obviously only one device can use the ASIO driver, and setting them both to ASIO results in an instant crash.