Can you still browse the Library for V1-only plugins?

I was thinking . . . maybe there are some un-ported plugins that I’ve not already subscribed to, but may find useful.

I know that you can find V1 plugins in there if you know what to ask for by tacking the name onto but there does not seem to be any way to browse for them by keywords or tags.

Even adding a “V1 Only” tag or checkbox in the regular Library search would be nice.

Hmm. The Wayback Machine at almost works.

From the main library page, click the PLUGINS link in the upper right. When the resultant page is sorted by UPDATED (the default), all the V1 and earlier plugins that have not been ported will be toward the bottom. You can expand each plugin to list all the modules. An EXPAND ALL link in the upper right does just that.

Unfortunately there is no picture or description of any of the modules. But the module link will take you to the old library page for more info.


Ah, thanks. That does help somewhat.

At least most of the earlier modules had names that gave some vague hint as to what they did. (As opposed to the newer modules named after people’s cats, or deep sky objects, or are written in Elvish.)