Can we add precision to createParam labeling?

I am digging the labels and scaling we can now add to params. Can we add precision? For example on the Quad Algorithmic Rhythm, most of the parameters are internally converted to integer values (4.543243 steps makes no sense) Can we add an additional parameter that specifies the precision that is displayed - in my case it would be 0. This could also be used for a little UI cleanup, since displaying some values to 5 decimal places is often not useful

See for feature requests.
Could you just use snap = true on your Knob?

that sounds good in my case, where is that? but I still see it being useful for just UI cleanness.

Displaying 1.2345 vs 1.23 is too tedious and never worth developers’ time, even for expensive commercial modules. If the value is an integer, only the integer is displayed.

If you really want to spend your time with that you can inherit ParamQuantity, overwrite std::string getDisplayValueString() and format the number yourself (use getValue()). Configure the parameter with configParam<MyParamQuantity>(…) in your module constructor then.

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