Can someone test linux build?

Trying get 1.8.3 of Frequency Domain out the door and there is an issue with it compiling on Linux. Unfortunately I don’t know what the issue is, but I suspect it is something very minor.

I don’t have access to a Linux build environment and FD is closed source (not my decision) so I would need to send the code to someone…

I can take a look.

usually for me it’s cases sensitivity of file names that breaks my stuff on linux (.h files). I keep ubuntu running in VMware player (free) for just these issues.

In this case it has something to do with a new vector I added :confused:

I had vmware on my old laptop runnung unbuntu. I should do that again

I literally use my Linux for only two things. #1 - testing build breakage. #2 - running address sanitizer (which is super easy on mac, almost impossible on windows, ok on Linux).

thanks guys! Problem resolved! As suspected something simple and stupid on my part