Can/should obsolete/inappropriate topics be locked and/or removed from search/suggested topics?

Problem: some obsolete and some “inappropriate” topics emerge in Discourse’s search results and suggested threads.

Is there any way to minimize this? Maybe moderators can somehow flag these posts so that they’d still be readable for archiving/historic/transparency reasons, but wouldn’t pollute search results and suggestions?

Examples of what I mean for “obsolete”:

  • discussions about Rack 0.6.x features or issues that are not present in recent Rack releases
  • proposals that clearly didn’t go anywhere

For “inappropriate” I mean off-topic questions, rants that didn’t start any relevant discussion. It’d be up to moderators to tell these from valid topics.

In case, I’d be available to help by reporting such threads.

It turns out this is possible and moderators already do it. For example this topic was a duplicate: it was locked and it’s only visibile by its URL:

So let’s just keep reporting obsolete/inappropriate topics, I guess. By the way, big thanks to @Vortico and all moderators for their work here.