Can Jooper trigger an envelope when turning on a channel?

An open ringing oscillator is routed into Jooper and controlled by Janneker. When Jenneker opens the Jooper output channel, the oscillator rings through the mixer, but the entrance is abrupt. How to introduce a volume swell that opens when a Jooper output channel is activated through the mixer, and closes when the channel is shut off? The mixer has a Level CV control, but I do not know how to drive it.

I’m not totally sure what you’re trying to do (maybe post a screenshot) but couldn’t you use a different jooper channel to control the level? Or put a slew on the channel volume?

An example in this by Lars Bjerregaard

Thanks dag and Jens,

Dag’s suggestion was well taken, so here is a screenshot of the rig at its basics. I read up on slews, having never used one. If placed between the mixer and Jooper, we need to pass the audio through to the mixer, but use the slew to control the channel level cv to open and close. You can see where I think the slew might patch to control a mixer channel level cv, but I cannot see how to trigger it by detecting the start and end of the audio stream from Jooper.

Another way might be to somehow drive a triggered ADSR to drive a VLA to open, and let the ADSR release the signal. An ADSR would offer more control over shape of sound than a slew, I suspect.

This is very cool. I see how he uses the COMPARATOR to shut off the recorder module.

The first thing to say is that you don’t really need Jooper here. In the lower example just route the oscilator directly though the VCA without jooper and use the clock to trigger the ADSR.

If you want to get a handle on Jooper this Omri video is pretty good, I got a lot of ideas out of it:

I often use a jooper with a constant value (like Alikins Reference Voltage) to control the volumes of patches and structure them like this:

That’s just the first example I came across in my channel, it’s not the simplest example.

Couple things…

In the image here, I discovered that to patch the same signal from Jooper Channel 1 output both drives the ADSR, and also passes the audio to the VLA. That worked, and now the channel entrance is not so abrupt. However, the release was too aburpt so I added reverb to soften the release.

Here is a picture of the entire patch, which has five such voices as in the bare bones examples I had made to simplify understanding what I was trying to do. I had watched that Omri Scenes video three times, and the third time I made the patch with him. I remember watching him control events with that Alikins Reference Voltage module. Janneker and Jooper seemed to be made for the task.

But I will not forget about the constant reference control approach for next time.

if you can associate a mixer, just for the MUTE ON/OFF, you can use nysthi::mix4 mix8 mix16 they have anticlick filter on MUTE ON OFF

Here is a youtube link to the results, Third Shift at the Industrial Park.

I will look at these mixers and experiment with that, thanks.