Can I shape the fall/rise of voltage?

I have an oscillator going into a filter, Granular Pitch Delay fun. I use the full wet/dry range. Now, the 100% wet signal is quieter so I’d like to boost it. Problem is, this quietness kick in in the last few % where the original sounds disappears so I can’t just raise the level along with the FX mix amount. A Signal Delay kinda works, but only one way, going from dry to wet.


Use an ADSR with long attack?


So, the issue in images, see the analyzer. I use the Atenuverter to lower the volume of the XFX (Hi, stoermelder!:slight_smile: to get equal levels for full dry/wet signals.

TACT-1 on 0, plain Osc signal

TACT-1 full on, 100% wet

So far, so good. But: TACT-1 anywhere in between

So I figure I need an exponential rise/fall. Or some S+H magic?

if you use mac, download my pre release 1.0.10 that contains a bezier shaper (that you can associate to ramp to obtain supercomplex envelopes ) nysthi


Nah, on Windows, but thanks. It’s not terribly important, I can manually manage those levels. But that sounds like a neat feature!

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Try DHE-Modules Swave. It adds a J-shaped taper to any signal. Turn the knob clockwise to increase the depth of the J shape, which has the effect of keeping the output low until the input gets quite high.

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