CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Drone Day 2019 collab

drone day is coming up on may 25th, and like last year i would like to make a long-form drone mix and publish it for free download on bandcamp, with submissions from you guys and gals!
last year we (that is, some artists from the ambient online forums and i) made this:

and i would like to do something similar this year, and open it up to the wonderful people here in the vcv rack community.

this year i will be making drones in g, and i will be using the lydian b7 scale (the fourth mode of the melodic minor scale), also known as overtone scale, acoustic scale, lydian dominant, and raga vachaspati… in g this will be g-a-b-c#-d-e-f. but you are free to use any other scale over a g drone, as you see fit.

so, please send me your stems, field recordings, and anything else that would fit in a long drone piece. i will also accept vcv patches, as long as they are not too heavy, so i can render them on my aging computer… i am looking mostly for accompaniment, in the form of slowly evolving melodies or harmonies, or atonal sounds, or field recordings for added texture. it doesn’t need to be produced with vcv rack. if you have some stuff lying around that would fit, or want to make something new for the occasion… it’s all welcome! especially field recordings!

i would prefer your stems to be dry, or with just a short reverb, as they will get drenched in long lush reverb in the mix. dropbox, google drive, wetransfer, etc should all work just fine. lossless files (flac, wav) preferred. you can email me at with your link(s).

deadline: sunday may 19th.
(tho if you have a late submission, don’t hesitate to contact me, as i will still try to fit it in.)