Build your Oxidlab Entferner LE patch - Contest

Build a patch using the prepared VCV Rack file and show us your outstanding creations.

  • Three (3) winners will be picked from within all contributions based mainly on the patch’s creativity.
  • One (1) winner will be randomly picked from within all users who commented on this topic.
  • Each winner will receive one (1) license of the Oxidlab Entferner package (

Feel free to check out to get some basic ideas about how to use the patch.


  1. Download the patch from here (concept by Omri Cohen)
  2. Use solely the already added modules. Don’t add or remove any module.
  3. Wire it up as you like, but the patch has to use at least one (1) Oxidlab Entferner LE filter prominently.
  4. Give us some details about your patch (basic idea, what is the intention, …).
  5. Send your patch to If possible, create a video on Youtube.
  6. All contributions will be made available on the website
  7. Only one (1) contribution per user.
  8. You can only win one (1) license if you have a valid VCV Rack account.
  9. The contest runs from 2020/08/04 12:00 PM CET until 2020/08/11 12:00 PM CET. A. The winners are contacted via email after the contest deadline. B. The randomly picked winner will be contacted via a community message. C. All winners will be announced here.

The following modules are needed to take part in this contest:

Good luck to everybody!


hmm this seems interesting…

Since I already bought the modules, I take the challenge without actually contributing, just for fun. I look forward hearing everyone‘s ideas.

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Not sure if I can make it, but at least I commented in this topic :wink:

Very cool fixed rack. And thanks for the challenge, it’s a great way to promote creativity and to test your modules. All the best.

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excellent idea

nice, let’s try it

Just to clarify, can we use multiples of the same modules, or just exactly how it is?

I read it to be just exactly how it is and nothing more can be added

from the Rules:

If that’s the case, then consider this comment my entry.

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What Espen said :slight_smile:

here is my entry;

I did send the patch by e-mail.


Just emailed my entry.

Isn’t it funny, where modular takes you sometimes :slight_smile:


patch sent by email


I just emailed my entry.


Posting so I can see all the good patches. Here’s my attempt. Send via email.


This is my entry to the Oxidlab contest…


OK , all new to me, sent the patch by e-mail and here is a link to the vid.

Good luck.


My entry has be emailed also

Now I can watch the other entries