bug with midi out module on vst in cubase

I hooked a simple gate sequencer with a single gate trigger(for test) to the cv-midi gate out and routed to midi channel in Cubase and I get a strange behavior where a lots of notes are sent repeatedly instead of just a single one.

i cant even get CLCKED to sync properly in Cubase…was this thing tested in anything other than Live?

What steps are you doing to try and sync it?

This video shows Dash Glitch syncing Rack Pro in Cubase without any issues (I’ve set it to play from the right time)

CLKD module seem to give most stable result right now. but you need to change its mode to p24.

seems like as long as the gate is high I get a string of midi gates instead of just one.

using ML Trigger delay with minimum delay setting before the midi out seems to solve it but It would be better if I would not have to use it like that.

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