Bug report version 2 versus old 1 version

Clip sound bug

video bug example

patch example

I listen a clip sound when put up the volume this issue I listen in all projects

I have seen you video

I have also recorded, using your patch - but I get a different error - I hear pops and noises, that i don’t get when I record youtube playing in chrome.

I used Windows-G (XBOX game bar) for recording. (No Microphone)

I am going to guess that the “bug” being reported here is the with 1.x decent sounding clipping was done by the VCV audio device, now with 2.0 the audio outside the legal range is sent directly to the audio device. Some sound awful, some sound ok.

In any case, this example does indeed sound awful. that sounds to me like maybe instead of clipping it is doing the dreaded “wrap around from +1 to -1”.

I would log a bug with VCV.

OK, sent to VCV by email.

You may want to amend it, it also sounds horrible if I take a patch made on Rack2 Pro 2.0.3 on Win10 (standalone) over to an M1 Mini and load it into Rack2 Pro 2.0.3 (standalone). Now the kicker is, If I rebuild it on the Mac exactly like it is (or as close as one can get) with the exact same modules that sounded like crap in the loaded Win10 version, it sounds pristine and as it should. No idea what to make of that. 2.0.3 or the b version behave same. So it is not just v1 patches… Sample rate, audio interface, bitrate, and blocksize all agree between the two boxen…

I’m net selling my theory, since it’s just speculation. But I could easily see a bit of clipping to be inaudible on one box, and horrible on another. Although that’s probably not it. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard “wrap around” overload, but it really sound ps awful.

Yeh, that is what it sounds and looks like, Mixer shows no clipping but two of the oscillators are going nuts looking at the outputs… this is a weird one, given that the only thing that is different as far as I can make out is the OS …

Those two versions seem to have a lot of subtle issues I must say.

I wish I could uncompress the tar/pax archive the original win10 patch is in on the Mac, but the Mac refuses to recognise it as a valid tar/pax archive. So a bit stuck as a diff between it and what I am rebuilding by screen shots and memory patches would be the first thing I want to try. Rack2 on mac opens it fine though so even more weird. I do not have the win 10 box running at the moment as it is being rebuilt for a new life not connected to audio.

If you install zstd on the Mac, you should be able to unpack the patchfile with zstd + tar.

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Thought that was already installed, but a quick brew solved that… Thanks!

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I tried making a simple patch that overloads the audio module. On my system (win10 / steinberg UR22C / asio) when it overload the audio device it sound ok - like it’s clipped. Not like the bad example here.

Well, turned out that once on the mac the first set of VCOs did actually overload and that coupled with heavy effects caused the horrible mush that came out, however given how I patched the CompIIs in it was the EQ module only that showed the clipping. Tweaked the heck out of it on the mac and now it’s mostly back to where it was. Though had to tweak things downwards quite a bit on many a control. Odd that, never expected it to be that pronounced a diff between the two OSs, but that seems to be the only good explanation at this stage

I have been told before but I might be wrong and certainly might have got the details wrong - Windows generally has a limiter before the speakers, whereas Mac OS leaves that up to individual programs.

That may be why… Would be nice to be confirmed and then added to FAQ, for those cross-loading patches that have things set pretty high in win and load on mac…

@fractalgee on the mac, if you have nysthi lib, rename the patch “vcvx” and drag and drop on the nysthiometer
after the changes re-drag and drop the folder
and you have back the vcv

(don’t try on window there is an exception that I’ve still to understand… )

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Yeah, had since spotted this easter egg in some other thread… Great and useful feature indeed! Thanks!

(was for a fast debugging I was doing on some saved info)

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Forwarding Email.

Hi Jens,

Thanks for the bug report, and sorry you were experiencing this issue. Sorry we have taken a while to get back to you as we’ve received a large volume of support requests. Because it’s an old ticket can I confirm whether this issue still exists or has been resolved successfully?

Paul Gatt VCV https://vcvrack.com/