Bug fixes for Squinky Labs modules

Version 1.0.23 of the SquinkyLabs modules is now in the library. It’s just a bug fix version, but the two bugs fixed were really bad for people who ran into them.

There was an issue in SFZ player where it could not parse SFZ files correctly if the machine was set to a locale that uses comas as decimal points (which is many more than you would think if you only know about the US). I don’t think this bug would occur any time the local was set that way – I suspect only when SFZ Player was run on a Linux with some oddity in it. But, in any case it’s fixed.

If you have tried SFZ player and not been able to make it work, that is probably fixed. Here is the full gory bug report: SFZ Player - only noise output with various SFZ files · Issue #231 · squinkylabs/SquinkyVCV · GitHub

There was also a serious bug in Comp II. Setting the release time independently on different channels was quite messed up. Bug report here: Comp II - Problem with Release Knob and Channel Selection · Issue #228 · squinkylabs/SquinkyVCV · GitHub

While I was at it, I made SFZ player handle ampeg_release=0. Which is actually legal, but I suspect rarely used.


Great! I had a problem with SFZ player crashing Rack when trying to load the Salamander Piano soundfont (on linux), I never got around to reporting it but it works now.

Possibly the same issue, although it was previous updates that really improved sound font compatibility. Glad it works now.

Yeah may not have been this one in particular, I haven’t really touched Rack for a few months. Thanks all the same, I had assumed was because I had converted it to flac or that it was too big a soundfont, or something like that so it’s good to know I can try any now without worrying about getting a crash.

Flac has always been fully supported. If you get any crashes at all, please let me know. It is for sure not supposed to crash ever. Although I did fix a crash not too long ago that occurred when my parser was putting spaces into some file names and then I would crash when I didn’t find the files.

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I’d like to publicly thank @Squinky.Labs for the quick response and sustained effort in tracking down and fixing that tricky SFZ Player bug. Now I can have fun doing weird things to a piano in VCV Rack.

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And triple thanks to @burkingman who tested build, after build, after build! Way beyond what anyone could expect.