Bread Bakers


This is my latest patch and last for the night at Here is the patchstorage file at

I really like the sounds on this! There is a lot happening in the track (some interesting, eclectic breads being baked here), which keeps it interesting throughout. There is one thing that didn’t really work for me, which is that the rhythms and melodies are not really anchored clearly at those points where there is no kick playing (or something else that clearly draws attention to where the beats and off-beats are). That can sometimes really work well (initially putting the listener on the wrong track about where the (off-)beats are, but for me in this patch that sometimes draws on for too long, which at times makes it sound off. Not sure if I put that very clearly. :slight_smile:

Edit: Just to clarify my point a bit, perhaps. Until about 2.40 you have a chord playing that clearly anchors the piece, but then you take that out, and we hear a lead playing that then anchors the piece in a different way. It then takes until about 3.25 before you introduce the kick, and here the piece starts to feel off, and the kick doesn’t really bring the original anchor back clearly for me.

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Thanks for your input. I was doing live performances at work. I am manager of a media library at a university. I get students asking me for help and other questions. So I just get the ideas down as fast as I can in between interruptions.

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