BPM clock faulty when samplerate changes?

I’m experiencing an issue with modules generating a clock expressed in BPM: when I change the samplerate the clock BPM changes (higher samplerate, lower clock rate). I’m assuming my system it’s faulty and resamples in a bad way (tried with both ALSA and JACK on linux), but I just want to double check with you guys.

Make sure you have a Core Audio module in your patch and that it is assigned to a valid sound device. Rack uses that for its internal timing, and without one, BPMs and such can have improper timing.

Also, which clock module are you using? If you have tried Impromptu - Clocked, does it behave correctly?

Yes, I use Audio-8 and connect to ALSA and JACK. Don’t have Windows right away to see if it is an audio driver/resampler issue.
I tried with Seq-3 and Impromptu-Clocked, same behavior.