Booty Shifting, some interesting bass design experiments

(Ryan Gilmore) #1

Finally sucked it up and came over to the forum.

So, Booty Shifter (by Squinky Labs) is a frequency shifter. I’m not sure there are any other frequency shifters for vcv rack? The idea comes from this video, which I think comes from some other video. Point is I take credit for nothing.

It is more directed towards the built in ableton live plugins, but the idea works the same even if the saturator sounds different. If you don’t feel like watching the video the theme of the trick is starting with a sine wave, slightly shifting it so it gets some movement, saturation to bring out the high end, second frequency shifter with a little heavier shift, and a final saturation to smash it all together and give it some density.

It sounded cool to me, so I played with the idea a bit and came up with a bunch of patches. Here is one of them:

Anyone else messed with this idea at all? Anyone interested in exploring it more?

(Artem Leonov) #3

hope you will find some tricks with harmonic content in this video