BogAudo Unison to make monster sounds

Here’s a simple patch to demonstrate how awesome BogAudio Unison is.

Where you put the quantizer matters. If you put the Unifon BEFORE Quantizer, the Quantizer kills the detune. Turn up the detune enough and some notes will jump a half step. Put Unison AFTER quantizer, and the detune works like a charm.

It’s actually the most awesome below 15, where it makes the oscillators beat against each other. Above 15 it gets increasingly sour, but your mileage may vary. Down around 3, the oscillators beat against each other

2022-03-01-Black Hole.vcv (3.3 KB)


Don’t you have that backwards? The Unison should go after the quantizer, else the quantizer will likely retune all channels to the same note.


You wrote the 2nd part correctly.

I also like the module. I really like what it did for my “Desolate Drone” piece.

Yep, edited. At least I know you’re reading carefully! :grin:

Ah. I just tried it out. It’s somewhat like E-Series’ “Cloud Generator”.

Great as a Swarm Generator.

[edit] For more Unison Fun, split the the poly output (say, four channels) of the first Unison module, and feed those to four more Unison module. Manually detune their VCOs frequency if so desired, and/or throw in some OCT modules on front of the VCOs.