Bogaudio Modules: dark theme for V1

Bogaudio dark theme svg’s are now updated to the current version plugin at this date.

The files are on github for anyone interested.
Please note, these edits are not maintained neither supported by Bogaudio.

Use at your own risk, worst case scenario is that your pc will explode… :thinking:

Ok just kidding, but if at some point you screw up, or don’t know what went wrong.
Simply delete the Bogaudio plugin from your plugin v1 folder, and sync your plugins from within VCV Rack.
VCV will download the Bogaudio plugin again with the original svg files.

The new files are now here:

For Rack 0.6.2c:


Looks nice! Bog is the man!

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Thanks Latif, you da man!

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Enjoy the wonderful modules from Matt Bogaudio, in dark style! :partying_face::pray:t4:

updated to reflect the latest changes of 1.1.26


Beautiful! ty so much Latif :slight_smile:

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Hi Adi :slight_smile: cheers enjoy!

Any plans to update them to 1.1.32 pretty please? That would be swell!

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Hi there,

i been holding out on updating these graphics, since Matt Bogaudio was waiting for VCV v2 so he could use the new application dark mode.

But as it seems that VCV v2 might be still a long way from being released, i might be updating these graphics anytime soon.

There is quite some catching up to do, as Matt is on a roll releasing new modules :slight_smile: Watch this space!


Trying to hit a moving target :wink:

Just for reference, the dark mode in Rack was not retained as a feature for v2


Thanks Marc, i did not know the idea was discarded.

I will ask Matt if he wants to add a dark version to the styles.hpp of his plugin. As was done with Surge Rack etc.


You know, since many authors have their own signature palette, and SVG files are just text, I was thinking we should really be maintaining a community script allowing you to recolor a good chunk of your collection.

You’d specify the background, front, accent colors, and in-between colors being interpolated as needed. The script would have community-sourced data about which authors use which colors for what, special cases, etc.

Would have to re-run it every library update, but being just search and replace the script would execute in a few seconds no matter what language we use.


In, general, however, it’s a difficult problem. My modules have my own panel SVG, but they also have a bunch of SVG for knobs, switches, jacks, etc… And I use a lot of stock controls from the VCV component library, and you really don’t want to start modifying those (probably)?

Some developers write their labels (and other panel artifacts) within the code too so changing the SVG files will cause some issues there. FWIW, I have a utility I use for the themes on my modules which executes the exact method @Aria_Salvatrice mentioned so I only have to maintain a single master panel.

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It can get us close enough!

This was done in a few minutes of search and replace.

Fun fact, you use both the #e6e6e6 and #e7e7e7 color depending on the module.

An actual XML parser would have to be used to recolor some black elements, their color is omitted so it falls back to the default.


haha - very nice! I just looked at my style guide, which I clearly don’t follow very closely. e6 is the correct Squinky Grey:

I wasn’t aware of this either. Thanks Marc!

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Hi everyone , the low contrast theme (old dark theme V1) that i created over here: Old Dark Theme will be deleted.

As there will be an official version by Bogaudio. Watch for an announcement/update by Matt.

I will leave the 0.6 version online for anyone that will need it.



Love that Dark Mode

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I hope this gets ported to V2 as an option to select light or dark mode right from within vcv rack