Bogaudio Modules: dark theme for V1

Bogaudio dark theme svg’s are now updated to the current version plugin at this date.

The files are on github for anyone interested.
Please note, these edits are not maintained neither supported by Bogaudio.

Use at your own risk, worst case scenario is that your pc will explode… :thinking:

Ok just kidding, but if at some point you screw up, or don’t know what went wrong.
Simply delete the Bogaudio plugin from your plugin v1 folder, and sync your plugins from within VCV Rack.
VCV will download the Bogaudio plugin again with the original svg files.

The new files are now here:

For Rack 0.6.2c:


Looks nice! Bog is the man!

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Thanks Latif, you da man!

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Enjoy the wonderful modules from Matt Bogaudio, in dark style! :partying_face::pray:t4: