Bog Audio Arp: Having trouble


I am having some trouble using the bogAudio Arp module, I read the manual and i’m still very much a noob at using vcv rack, I know how to make a polyphonic cable using the merge module, and I have chords, so I’m trying to arpeggiate a chord but after reading the manual for BogAudio’s Arp module, it mentions a Polyphonic GATE cable??? Please correct me if I’m wrong but I’m just a bit frustrated, i’ve been trying to figure this little thing out for hours haha

I know there’s no tutorial on doing arps in modular at least what I’ve found so :confused:

any help is greatly appreciated!

I, too, have had difficulty figuring out how to use the Bogaudio ARP. But, there are other ways to do an arpeggio. I have a patch here ( that does it with the Amalgamated Harmonics ARP 3.1. You can also arpegiate a poly cable with the Computerscare Soly Pequencer. There are more than one way to skin a cat (hopefully, you are not a cat lover).

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If you look for other alternatives, you can also make arps using Sequential switches


Merge the same amount of gates as you have notes.So note 1 is gated by gate 1 note 2 by 2 etc… It could be the same gate, but you have to merge it X times.

And set ARP to immediately as per @dag2099 suggestion. :+1:

And the gate does not have to be a gate, a constant voltage also works :

Maybe even better.

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I think that for Arp to work it requires that all your cv is polyphonic. Also there is a menu setting to get new notes immediately that you should select. Arp is really flexible if you can get it to work.

Thank You so much this all worked and using a constant voltage is a nice tip to know thank you!

this was key, I had no idea there was this option in the module, thank you!

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I have used sequential switches before but don’t fully understand how I would make an arp pattern with them, I’ll try to figure it out though at some point, I’m very new to VCV rack so I’m still learning!

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Well you could replace the reftones with RJModules ‘playable chord’ and modulate it to get out more mileage out of your seqswitcharp (;

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I know, I just happened to have VCV Rack open, with the sequential switch and reftone already in there, so I was lazy. I wasn’t really suggesting that C-D-E-F was the greatest arpeggio :wink:

I’ve been opening and closing rack a few times and starting the patch in the pic, and let us say this… it’s not a very predictable module.

i think ive cracked it?

mockba’s s+h eight tho… blinder!!!

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I was right , there still is a bug in the ARP, but now he knows :wink:

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