block size : module HOST


On mpdule HOST,if i choose a block size greater than 16, the module interface does not change (there are always 16 boxes and no more !)

How to access these additional boxes that do not appear?


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Block size means, how many samples will be calculated at once. It introduces a delay or latency of the choosen size an has nothing to do with connections.

other question:

vst 32 bits don’t work in HOST !

How to solve that?

An other similar module host?Which?

To install VCV Rack 32 bits ?

32 bit VST don’t work. There’s no solution.

I’m afraid Rack doesn’t support 32-bit VSTs. There are products that aim to make 32-bit plugins work in 64-bit hosts; jBridge is an example.

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About module HOST,so how to control more 16 parameters on the vst host?

Voodoo. You’ll need some goats too. Good luck :wink:

Use the Host XL module instead.