Blamsoft Modules (now free!)

(Stef Zen) #21

Thank you so much for this kind gift. Happy new year to you too.

(Daniele Zerbini) #22

Aargh, I just spread my (little) euro-budget on the table for my weekly investment in music, but also the pay-what-you-want invite button for the Viking vst has gone! It looks like Blamsoft is reviewing different things these days, so I’ve opted for the minimal social actions by now (liking SoundCloud channel and radio). Still, I think there could be a donate button in the PM, eventually.

(Jason Wehmhoener) #23

I love the Blamsoft modules! I was happy to pay for them, and I’m happy to see them available for free now. I hope there’s more to come!

(Josep) #24

I just hope that all this is due to an improvement in your life, and not due to any unexpected problems in life, @Blamsoft … I love the XFX Wave, and it makes me very happy that now many more people can enjoy it for free, so I do not regret it have paid for it (+ the wonderful reverb and filter), at all.

Anyway, we will all be attentive to future developments, lest life give you a little bit of time to develop a new module(s) that will make us enjoy the Modular Synthesis even more.

Thanks a lot for your beautiful work! :clap::clap::clap:


I think it’s an improvement. The feedback from the release has been positive and the number of users getting the modules is encouraging. I am proud of XFX Wave so thanks for the kind words.

(Mike) #26

Thanks for your work and support with the Blamsoft modules!

I thoroughly enjoy using them and the free status will make them a must-have in my courses.