Bidoo - lATe bug or ?

Trying to add some cool swing … heard this is the module to go to… however it doesn’t appear to be working correctly? It is makign visible pulses but nothing that shows up on the scope (in red)… weird huh? Anyone know whats up with this or am I using it wrong?

I don’t know anything about IATe - but I would guess you need to turn the offset up a bit to add some swing?

Why not just use the swing knobs on Clocked to add swing?

Also swing works by offsetting even pulses - so works best with clock set to X2 or X4 (1/8th, 1/16th notes)

thx Steve… Yes i can use CLOCKED for swing… was just wanting to see if there were any major differences with Swing types… Even with the offset turned up it makes no difference… I’ve also been making my own “Swing” patches and just wanting to explore

I just hooked that patch up, it looks like the Bidoo module is putting out trigger pulses which are too fast to register on the scope. If you connect a gate modifier to extend the pules you should see it show up on the scope. Alternatively, one of the autodafe drum modules (or another edge triggered module) will give you an audible confirmation.

Edit: here’s a screen shot:


Just to add that there’s a more…intense swing module out there:


I am having a similar problem with OL Swing… no gates out… how do you patch this thing up?

Sometimes it fires gates but so weird… didnt think a Swing mod would be so complicated… help :stuck_out_tongue:

needed the trigger / gate converter mod =/

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