biDoo enCore issues?

Been using zOu Mai, love it minus the sync issues.

Read that enCore takes care of that but for the life of me can’t get it going.

Am I missing something?

I read there is a bug that will be fixed but not sure that was ever confirmed.


enCore is pretty stable for reset and such, but first things, it must receive 32 PPQN

after that, it does what zOu Mai does with less reset issues

32 PPQN?

Pulses Per Quarter Note, meaning send it a clock multiplied by 32.

Impromptu’s Clocked makes this easy to do.

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Just tried it and got it going. Thanks!

Now to move countless jams to enCore.

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yeah, fell in love with zOu Mai and had to abandon it over the reset

enCore rocks!!


Love it if there was a copy paste from zOu to enCore though!

Although gives me a chance to listen to stuff I havent heard in a couple weeks.