[bidoo Dtroy] Pattern progression

This isn’t really specifically for Dtroy, as BordL (and other sequencers) appear to use the same kind of pattern handling. I’ve programmed a few patterns, but how can I make them progress after the current one has completed, or the pattern has been played X amount of times?

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The Impromptu Modular PhraseSeq16 or PhraseSeq32 has run modes (FWD, FW2, FW3 and FW4) that play patterns 1 to 4 times before moving on to the next pattern, and in the upcoming Foundry sequencer, any pattern can be played anywhere from 0 to 99 times before moving on to the next pattern, and for any of its run modes (FWD, REV, PPG, PEN, RND, BRN). Documentation here if you would like to know more: https://github.com/MarcBoule/ImpromptuModular


Coolio. Will look into it after work this evening.

in dTroy and bordL is a cv-in left of the pattern select knob, just hook an attenuated
square lfo or another sequencer to that cv-in and attenuate the input so that it changes the pattern as you like,
it needs about 0.8v is to change to the next pattern.

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Thanks, I assumed the cv in on Pattern would make it change but didn’t know how to do it. Now I just have to figure out how to keep the square lfo open long enough :D.

@marc_boule PhraseSeq is one of those sequencers that my mind just can’t wrap itself around, sadly. That said, I love CLK!

Here’s one way to do with a sequencer like rsmus7 said, if you hit start on clocked it has 3 patterns and just switches between them. However, once you start changing pulse counts on the dTroy, the next pattern will start before the current one has finished. There’s this module called Janneker pulse director by NYSTHI, and its great because you can say I want a trigger to go off after 9 steps(instead of an even number like 8) and you can add like up to a 1000 different “scenes” of different pulse counts and self-patch it to switch scenes everytime one finishes. So you could have a 7 step, then a 9 step, then a 15 step, etc. Can get super complex if you want to go that route. Anyway, this file is just the basic way to switch between 8 step patterns with a SQ1 sequencer. dtroy1.vcv (82.6 KB)

No problem @fulhjort, you should always use the tool that is best for the job from your viewpoint, so it’s all good :slight_smile: Glad that you like Clocked!