is there a module that randomizes the signals, similar to Bernoulli gate? … or module randomizing or controls the length of the gap between signals or gates? … maybe it’s a beginner’s question - what I am … thanx!

A Bernouli gate takes a stream of triggers or gates and each time one comes in, performs a coin toss and distributes that gate to either Output A or Output B.

To do something similar with an audio signal, you would probably use a sequential switch with a random input. (eg Sequential Switch 8 to 1 from ML Modules).You then feed 2 or more audio signals in, and then each time a trigger comes into the random input, it randomly selects one of those input signals to send to the output. You don’t have to do this randomly of course, you can advance through the inputs sequentially.

For randomly generated gates, check out Clocked Random Gates from Count Modula.

Modulating the decay or release of an envelope is also a way of ‘controlling the length of the gap between signals’

Does that help?

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Hi Steve

… yes, it helped … I tied myself similarly - I’m going to try it …

… it’s perfect … i didn’t know that the signal can also be controlled via a sequential switch … thank U!

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Jozef answered your question, but just in case useful you can also randomize the hits in a euclidean sequencer if you want the gates to be spread evenly but with different gaps in between.

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Hi … can you please attach a picture of the example here? thanx

sure will do as soon as back at pc

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ou video, thank U a lot! :bowing_man:‍♂:pray:

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