Beginner question

I am very new to VCV and I want to start by replicating the patch created in this video: I come to the point 4:07 but my patch does not behave as described in the video.

However when I create the following patch I only get one continious tone? What am I missing here?

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On FM-OP there is a little button called ENV below the Level-Knob. This needs to be active (green).

It activates the envelope (ADSR Knobs on the right) and applies it to the level of the Oscillator.

Edit: You found Omri, that is awesome! He has a lot of information on VCV. I recommend to search for “beginner” on his channel, there are a lot of videos and livestreams that are helpful if you are new to VCV.

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right click the MIDI-CC module’s title bar and set Polyphony Channels to 4, default is 1

Thanks for the advises. I have turned on the ENV button and changed the Polyphony but now I get no sound at all…

This might be a stupid question. Apologies if it is.

You are pressing keys on the keyboard aren’t you?


I am having the same issue :confused:

I built the ambient drone and added my own stuff with no problem - but trying the arp and basic tutorial I get weird results… :tired_face:

Maybe post your patch and your “weird” results so that others an help you.

Hi Ahirnberg,

Sorry for the delay - here is a screenshot:

What#s confusing is that I have to set my FREQ on WT VCO all the way to the left to get somewhat of the same sound, but it#s still different… Not sure why its playing much faster :roll_eyes:

I’m using a Saffire Pro40 and an Axiom49 connected via Usb - I see I changed it in the screenshot

providing the vcv patch file would be more easy for reproducing than a screenshot.

Sorry bud - friggin noob still :man_facepalming: Will send just now

I can’t add the file - tells me I’m a “new user”

I can’t send you a DM it seems, is that possible over this platform?

Use the WT LFO, not the WT VCO. And you need a MIDI keyboard to play chords, because the computer keyboard can only play 2 notes at a time.

Ah sheet - thanks man! :slight_smile: It twerks :slight_smile:

generative.vcvs (20.1 KB) have fun :notes:

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Hey you hijacked my thread :wink: But I am glad you got help.

I found the issue. I had Ableton live open in the background and it was locking the midi keyboard.

I have to correct you.

depends on the n-key rollover.