Beckstrom sounds

hi all,

I’m working on an ambient album specifically to help calm folks down. These are turbulent times.

Rack + Rhodes + Paulstretch + Cassette = Ambient

This track was created in Rack, using Paulstretched samples of a Fender Rhodes, then recorded onto cassette tape. I can share the patch if you’re interested.

EDIT: here’s the patch (minus the audio file I used as the main sound source. It’s me playing a Fender Rhodes improvising in Cmaj emphasizing F and E ie Cmaj11)

2020-06-01_ambient.vcv (63.6 KB)


Lovely music, Chris.

I found this post whilst looking for our vcv plugs in version 1. Glad I listened.

Have you considered porting all, or R2R, to version 1?