Beatstep Pro crashes VCV Rack


I am a complete newbie to VCV Rack and Beatstep Pro, so I imagine I am doing something silly.

I am using Win 10 and the problem is this.

I have a MIDI-CV module loaded togetheer with a VCO and Audio 8 In the MIDI-CV I have the options of Windows MIDI - Bridge - Comp Keyboard and Gamepad. Windows MIDI is selected. In Devices I have Arturia Beatstep Pro 0 MIDI IN2 Arturia Beatstep Pro 1 Launchpad Pro 2 MIDIIN2 Launch Pad Pro 3 MIDIIN3 Launch Pad Pro 4

MIDI Channel is set 1

Immediately I select either of the Beatstep options or the Launchpad Pro 2 options I get the message VCV Rack has crashed Looking at the log is just gibberish to me .

If I choose however the Computer keyboard option under Windows MIDI, this then gives a measure of control without crashing the rack.

Has anybody got ideas why this is happening and how I can fix it.

I apologise if this is overlong but I have no idea what information would be required to assist you to assist me.


Close any other applications using the midi device, perhaps MIDI Control Center is opened. Something else is using the driver.

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Thank you for your reply, it is helpful. Left only the Beatstep as a MIDI device and it seems to work at least it doesn’t crash the rack. Then switched the Launchpad on and it too behaves itself, at this point neither of the devices when both are switched on are crashing the rack so that is a great improvement, but that is how it was when it was crashing so I think I need to investigate further. So thank you very much for your help