Banging my head against Submarine A0-106 -- what's the expected behavior?

Hey All – I am trying to use the Submarine AO-106 to create an end-of-fall gate from an envelope as an input. I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong, but with an ADSR at the X input and a constant 10V at the Y input with C=0, a simple if X = C then Y doesn’t seem to track the changing voltage of the incoming envelope or change the output at all. This seems like exactly the sort of thing this module is made for and the light at the X input registers the incoming voltage, but the desired behavior (basically flip a gate high when the envelope hits zero) is just not working. What am I doing wrong? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!

What ADSR are you using ? I think the VCV one does not go down to 0. but stays positive.


I am in fact using the VCV Fundamental ADSR so I will definitely try another–I was also using Multivoltimentro which does read zero out to 5 decimals. However if there’s errant bits down there, that could do it. I’ll try it and report back. Thx!

Success. BOG ADSR and AS ADSR both reach actual zero and produce expected behaviour. Thanks again!