Azure Pipelines for Github allows build of plugin

Hey great - and yeah it’s wonderful right? Always have the latest binary available and never do a pull request that doesn’t build. Glad it worked for you. (I also have to chmod +x my scripts but git should keep that status once you do it in the repo - or maybe you have to add them chmodded)

I added Artifacts handling and publishing now - works great.

Thank you!


Wow, thanks for this tutorial @baconpaul !

I almost have it running for It’s failing when running scripts/

[command]/bin/bash --noprofile --norc /home/vsts/work/_temp/

/home/vsts/work/_temp/ line 1: scripts/ Permission denied

##[error]Bash exited with code '126'.

I saw @stoermelder mention using chmod to modify the file permissions, but doing so on my local machine doesn’t mark the file as modified for git. Any ideas?

Yeah if you don’t check it in 755 it has the wrong perms. Right before that script runs in the azure pipeline just chmod it (so like put the chmod command in azurepipelines.yml)

Chmod u+x scripts/release

Or if you want explicitly source it so

. Scripts/

On my phone sorry for the autocorrect boogers but you get the idea. Just chmod it in the azure pipeline right before it runs.

Good luck and glad it works for you!!

Edit; I found this which shows you how to change permissions in the repo from windows. That should work but I haven’t tried it

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Yes!!! That worked. I changed the permissions via git.

Thanks again for sharing the knowledge with us. I’ve been wanting to learn this CI stuff for Unfiltered Audio since we spend so much time wrangling builds.