Axioma plugin - First modules

Hello :smiley:

The first version of the Axioma plugin was released last week with 3 initial modules: - The Bifurcator - Ikeda - Tesseract

I created these modules were based on SuperCollider codes that I used in some experimental music projects. The modules can be used as CV control and/or sequencer, and the beauty of the math behind them can be explored with a visual representation of the states on a 2D map. The Bifurcator and Ikeda are based on functions/models that lead to chaotic behavior. The Tesseract module is based on a rotating hypercube. Further information can be found in the manual

In this video one can check a few simple examples of patches:

Any feedback is really appreciated :slight_smile:

Cheers, Kauê


Really nice modules. I have been using Ikeda for v/oct. It’s great!

There was also a post on reddit about these modules earlier…

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Super interesting modules, thanks so much!

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These do look and sound fantastic, all the sonic adventures that are possible. All they available on the Library or do I have to build them myself, which I don’t know how to do. Window 10 builds would be good, can anyone help me get these if they are build only?

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Hi! They are available in the library :slight_smile: VCV Library

Thank you, just trying out a patch now from Libuse from reddit. Amazing manipulation of sounds emanating from the poor tortured modules. lovely mwaaahaaa!

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I am loving this module - so much potential :slight_smile: A minor thing I know but I made this so I could colour co-ordinate my cables for the Tesseract, using RBG values for accuracy. (Click on Load Collection). Tesseract Colours.vcvm (165 Bytes)


That’s a great idea :smiley:

I absolutely love them! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Bifurcation.vcvss (22.2 KB)

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Man, I feel spoiled with all of these chaotic/fractal-based modules being released.

Fingers crossed for some other attractors (or maybe some IFS or L-sytems) finding their way into Rack modules!

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A small patch using Ikeda.


Really like the Bifurcator, great job

I used it in this little patch

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Thank you all for the feedback so far!

It is really nice to see people exploring the modules and creating very interesting patches :smiley:

I finally got to try out Tesseract and Bifurcator and together all three are a really nice suite. Ikeda is now in my template I love it so much. You have done a great job! Thank you!
I have noticed alot of vids on yt featuring these mods. I hope you get a chance to see some of them.

What is your next module going to be? :grinning:

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Thanks :smiley: I’ve seen some videos and they are indeed really good!

There is a new VCO module under development that will be released soon :slight_smile:

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