Awesome broadcasting and other online tools

A curated list of amazingly awesome open source resources for broadcasters and much more. In a conversation with my work partner about starting doing some live broadcasting AV Performances using it came to her mind that in the Master Degree on Performing Arts that she is doing in OPorto, one professor gave the students a very complete list of resources that they could use during this pandemic situation, for Art Network, Art Production, Art and Technology, … It has some resources that I already knew but for most of them it was a novelty and think it’s worth sharing with the community, maybe it’s has some helpful links to solve certain questions. I guess sharing knowledge and resources is always a good thing.

a second list to more online tools

artists experimenting with emerging technologies

and this open platform that embraces different performance art approaches

I hope this can be useful. At least for me it was and i think I’m going to give it a try on some alternatives to well-known softwares. (This last link can be found on the second list of tools above.)

Positive Voltage to everyone and keep on patching. Be safe.