auxspander jr not working?

can anyone confirm that you can get auxspander jr to send and receive anything? can’t seem to get it to work in rack 2

Works fine here on Win10

Let me ask you a silly question. :smile: Just to be sure since you didn’t mention it. :wink:

Are you sure you are using the AuxspanderJr, (must be place to the right), with the MixMasterJr and not the full MixMaster?

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Works for me, on Mac.

Actually, no… I am trying to use jr with mix master because I was following one of Omri’s patches and it looked like that’s what he was using… I will try to mix up the auxspanders and get the right match

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that was it… jr with jr worked… I didn’t realize that was a thing, first time using it, I’ve been gone for over a year I think and rack 2 has brought me back… lot’s to relearn, thank you @jaynothin

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