Autodafe modules just released on rack 2

I just missed you is all…



Good more modules to mither sound with!!! Have a Good Christmas and happy new year!



I have some issues with the TRIGGER SEQUENCER module.

  • The column of 8 buttons down the left will toggle all of the triggers in their respective rows to all ON or all OFF, except for rows # 5, 6, and 7. Those will only set the entire row to ON, and once you do that you cannot turn them off (neither the whole row nor individually) unless you Initialize or Randomize the whole module and start all over again.
  • The range of useful voltages for the STEPS CV is from -12V for a minimum of 4 steps, to >-0.5V for all 16 steps. (Assuming the STEPS knob is at max.) It seems like an odd range of values.
  • I have to turn the View / Room Brightness down to 80% to be able to follow the pink dots that indicate the current Step and Output states. Higher contrast (like darker grey for OFF) and bezels would be nice.
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