Autodafe RED paid module problems

Having purchased the RED paid set, the Cosine module does not function. There is no documentation for the T[W]Lv module, making it difficult to understand. Do these modules work with the current version of VCV Rack? Uninstalling and reinstalling does not make the Cosine one work. First paid set I bought. Rather disappointing.

Have you tried contacting the developper of the Autodafe modules ?


Hi, yes they are mantained. you can contact me at: with a detaild description of the issues (VCV version, Mac or PC and so on…) you are having and possibly screenshots, so I can reproduce the issues …

here’s a link to the manual, but if you simply right-click any modules in the background you get a “plugin” link with a link to every developer website and so on…

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about the T[W]LW

T[W]LV is a VCO with 12 selectable harmonics, you can control the level of each harmonic, from x1 to x12, multiples of the fundamental frequency (FREQ). The WAVE selector allows you to change the basic waveform (Sine, Square, Sawtooth, Triangle and various pulses with 10 to 90% width). The level of each harmonic can be modulated using its dedicated input and attenuator using LFOs, Sequencer and so on…

sorry I didn’t update the PDF Manual with T[W]LW…

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Sorry dude but you’re not the only one. I purchased these in 2017. I was interested in the Bass Drum module. It is capable of generating some nice and useful tones but has a serious bug that renders the module unusable and that the dev is either unable to fix or has no desire to do so.

Program a sound and save the file. Loading it back in anda vast majority of the time the sound you get is not what you programmed. I sent many emails to the dev including movies showing the problem. I offered to do anything necessary to resolve the problem. After several months of trying to get this guy to resolve the problem he finally just quit emailing me and at that point I gave up.

If spite of what he says this code is not being mantained. Last I tried (4/17/2020) the bug was still there. I personally would not trust any of this devs code. Sorry dude you got burned.

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I contacted the developer who responded promptly. He verified the defect with the Cosine module and is working on it. Certainly kind and helpful towards me.

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VCV is a software retailer. We have a refund policy at Since you are describing the plugin as faulty, you may request a refund within 3 days (72 hours) of purchase. Email for customer support.


Thanks. Good to know. I have confidence in the developer!

Despite an initial promising contact, the issue is not fixed, and the developer refuses, apparently, to respond to the most polite enquiry messages concerning the fix for the CO[S]INE module.

I am sorry to say this is a repeat of the same experience that @shofb had.

It’s disappointing to say the least, given that I have paid for the Reds series and he is in possession of my money, and the three day refund window has long past.

Attempts to contact via several social media channels have failed.

I understand people my be ill perhaps or in trouble, but if that’s not the case @antonio.grazioli would you kindly respond one way or the other?

It’s a sad introduction to VCV Rack community to have this experience with the first commercial set I bought, with effectively no commercial comeback for the fact that the set is not fit for purpose, as there is no company standing behind the products.

Hopefully this situation can be improved. In the meantime, what to do? Write disparaging reviews warning people? I’d rather not.

HI, I have always replied to you directly from forum notifications in my email, and just realized the replies never got thru. Sorry about that. I have now replied direclty here on the forum, so you should have a proper reply now.

The issue resides in one of the 3rd party Libraries I am using for that module in particular, who was probably broken by a recent VCV rack update…To put it simply, my developer skills are not enough to debug other peopole’s code, I have checked it but couldn’t find a solution… I will still look into it, but a solution won’t be in the near future and I might even consider removing the module form the package…

No worries, if the 3-day policy refund is past, I can always refund the money via PayPal…

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regarding your other issue, I cannot find traces of correspondences we had based on your usrename here. If you are still facing issues, you can contact me direcly at: