Audiomux (iOS) to Rack audio in

Hello everyone and thanks in advance for your attention. I wish I could use Rack to process incoming audio coming from ipad (via usb). I tried with Audiomux, installing Studiomux server on the laptop on which Rack runs, connecting the ipad with Studiomux client via usb but nothing is seen by vcv core audio module. Has anyone tried successfully?

Best wishes…

Hello, basically this works very well.

Have you looked in the “Windows system tray”? You should see the “studiomux” symbol:


If you right click the “studiomux” symbol this dialog is opening:


Yellow marked you will see the device(s) you have chosen in the “studiomux” app on your ipad/iphone. In VCV Rack you will find it, when you select a "host module and chose “studiomux_generator_x64” there.


Have fun and let me know if it still does not work.

Thank you so much Rainer… to tell the truth I thought the appropriate module was the audio one. Got it now! All the best, bye!

You are welcome