Audio output issues in Live 11

hi, i’m new here… just bought VCV Rack 2 pro and it’s great to use it finally in my favorite DAW but i have issues with the Audio settings inside VCV, if i load an patch and try to switch to Audio out DAW, i have no Sound… In Live10 i don’t have this problem at all… So anyone else have the same issues?

Macbook Pro 2017/High Sierra/Live 11.1/Motu 828 MK2

Do you mean you can’t set Audio Out to DAW when in Stand-alone VCV Rack 2?

I can switch to DAW but have no sound then…found out this happens when i load an patch from patchstorage, if i make my own patch it works !

Found the solution in another discussion…always ad the Audio output after load as Vst or save your patches in Standalone without Audio output !

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