audio only functional on speakers (mac book)

I can hear the audio only when my headphones are unplugged, as soon my headphones are plugged, no more audio. Is there anyway to output to the headphone without an external audio card???

there definitely is - its working fine here, i also can output to speakers and headphones simultaneously. of yourse you have to select a different output in the output module as soon as you connect your headphones. what does the menu shown in the screenshots look like in your system?

edit: i am still on 2.0.4 - because of the audio interface problems in 2.0.5 - not sure whether that matters.

Fixed in 2.0.6:

Capture d’écran, le 2022-01-16 à 12.21.10

Those are my output options, Haut-parleurs = Speakers (sorry language is set in french)

Capture d’écran, le 2022-01-16 à 12.59.15

I had to select the blank line…

the audio module seems to have some problems with special characters. in my case (german) it should read “Externe Kopfhörer” but it stopped at the “ö” - as you can see in my screenshot above. what is the name of your headphones? does it start with a special character? this could explain the blank line…

écouteurs or écouteuses maybe?


Yeah, Rack has had issues with that all over the place. Sounds like a bug report that should be sent to VCV support.