audio EQ to midi cc?

Hi all,

I tried a quick search, but I’m not sure even hoe to ask this…

I’d like to analyze an audio signal, and output the levels as CV. So, imagine monitoring 80Hz, 200Hz, and 1kHz and whatever each value is, it would translate be available as a CV value

Is there an EQ that outputs CV per selected frequency?

Offhand, sounds like a bandpass filter into an envelope follower (for each frequency/band).


Yes! Tx!

Wouldn’t a vocoder already be set up to do this? Look at the one from Frozen Wasteland.

How will it involve MIDI CC?

I’d go about it with a frequency splitter like this:

maybe multiple, if you need more than 3 bands - and then of course an envelope follower and the output of that to MIDI CC out

sure. I’m just pointing out that a vocoder IS a bunch of bandpass filters followed by envelope followers (among other things). But I’m sure if you use a bunch of your own filters and stuff you can do a better job, if that’s what you are into.


Bogaudio PEQ6 or PEQ14 with it’s expander.

Which, if you connect the expanders outputs into the level inputs of another PEQ6 or PEQ14, will create a vocoder.

But yes, the PEQ filter banks are cool. You can set each banks frequency and bandwidth. And then output the level CV.

I think the commercial VCV::Spectra can do that:

While I was writing this I realized CV would be more useful than midi. Sorry for the confusion!

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