Audio-8 doesn't see ASIO devices

Hi everyone, after looking on several old version related posts, I still can’t use my sound card with ASIO.(The option is not even available)

I’m using Community Edition2.git219bbaf1 with a x-32 sound card on WIN10.

I’m guessing that’s the Behringer X32 X-USB ? I don’t have one, but the behringer Uphoria UMC1820 works fine.

Perhaps reinstall latest firmware and USB drivers ?

Does it work with other ASIO software - like Reaper (fully functional 60-day evaluation)?

Yep it works on 1.6 too I just Tested with builded version of rack2, and it works fine.

Ah, The version of track v2 you build yourself doesn’t include ASIO unless you set an option when “make dep” - It’s a licensing issue.

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Ok thank you :slight_smile: i’ll use the sdk then :wink:

RTAUDIO_ASIO=1 make dep

Ok so I make dep Rack dir, after set this value right ?

yes VCV Manual - Building, except for

make dep

changes to

RTAUDIO_ASIO=1 make dep

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