Audible Instruments: Will the remaining Mutable Instruments modules be added to the Audible Instruments plugin?

i.e., Edges, Peaks, Ripples, Shelves, and/or Streams?

I know it already exists in Valley’s plugin as Topograph, so I assume Grids won’t be coming to the Audible Instruments plugin.

Perhaps, I just don’t have time right now.


All good. Was just curious. Thanks!

Would love to just have a Ripples port for now :slight_smile: hint hint :slight_smile:

It’s an analog device, though…It would need to be an emulation rather than a port.

Even though it’s analog, the Audible Instruments readme indicates that @Vortico feels he could “port” it if given a free afternoon. So I’m guessing not any time soon, but maybe one day.

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