Audible Instruments Tidal Modulator: How to put into Clocked/PLL mode?

Does anyone know how to put the VCV version of the Tides module into clocked/PLL mode, as described in the hardware manual? [see here]

Whenever a clock signal is connected, the frequency knob doesn’t seem to do anything. I actually tried to press the range button for a second, which did nothing. Except when I pressed it again, VCV crashed. :open_mouth: Couldn’t reproduce the crash though.

set the upper left button to gray and the lower left button to green
then the frequency knob controlles the speed
use the high output

Nope, with clock connected that still does nothing.
I’m trying to harness that frequency divider/multiplier functionality they mention in the manual. Not sure if that is even implemented in the software version.

I had a look at Tide’s source code over at github and it actually is implemented. Found the FrequencyRatios and this comment here:

// Sync
// Slight deviation from spec here.
// Instead of toggling sync by holding the range button, just enable it if the clock port is plugged in.
generator.set_sync(inputs[CLOCK_INPUT].active && !sheep);

Still couldn’t get it to work. The frequency knob seems to have absolutely no effect when clock is connected. A bug, perhaps?

It seems I stumbled on an old issue: