Audible Instruments Resonator (aka Rings): clipping at 5V?

Hi! Sorry if noob post, I just wanted to check if I don’t misunderstand something before spamming github with issues.

I’ve noticed that even if I connect Resonator directly to Audio module I keep getting clipping distortion in certain knob configurations (see screenshot for an example) - mostly in sympathetic strings mode. I’ve connected the output to scope and noticed that the output is hard clipped at 5V which it spikes very often (again, visible on screenshot) - which must be the reason for clipping? I understand that audio should be ±5V, but whatever I do to other Audible modules (Modal Synthesizer aka Elements for example) it doesn’t behave that way. BTW Annuli version of rings by Southpole behaves in the same way.

So, is it a bug or expected behaviour? Does hardware Rings behave the same way and I should just watch for parameters carefully? Shoult I create an issue on github?

Add a VU Meter, please!

Audio clipping occurs after ±10v or +0dB. Odd/even harmonic distortion requires clipping though.

I’ve looked into Resonator source code and it seems it clips the output at ±5V.
Sorry, I don’t get the part about harmonic distortion.

Here you go