Audible Instruments plugin subscribed and updated, but won't install

New user. I registered, installed a VCV rack that came with some basic modules. I suscribed to the Audible Intruments plugin, updated the library in my VCV rack, but no plugins. I then tried deleting the original modules that came with the basic rack, but Audible plugin still wouldn’t load. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks Gene

Did you restart VCV Rack after the plugin downloaded?


Yes. Several times. I hit Quit, then opened the app from the Start column in Windows 10. still nothing. Still says “updated.”

A few questions, what version of Rack are you using ? 1.1.6 ? When you browse to documents->Rack-> is there a folder : plugins-v1 ? In that folder is there a folder : AudibleInstruments ?

BTW you need to rightclick or just hit “enter” to open the plugin browser in Rack.

no theres not, im having the same problem.

there is a folder that just says “fundamentals” and then in that is the res folder and stuff. i open that and i dont see any modules.

Hi, these plugins can only be used inside VCV Rack, and they are all called plugin.dll and are inside their own folder. So the plugin.dll in the fundamental folder are the plugins for that Brand (VCV in this case). If you want the Audible Instruments plugins, you need to go here : Choose Audible Instruments in the Brands box and check this :


so it turns to :


Start Rack, you’ll see a red dot next to the Library :


Click on that and you’ll see :


Click on update all, close Rack, start Rack , hit enter on your keyboard, and you’re in the plugin browser.

If you did it all the right way you’ll see the Audible Instruments plugins in the browser.

It takes two restarts of Rack to get the new plugins downloaded to show up over here. Somehow seems like it loads all the modules svgs and then uncompresses what is new, or some such, so module browser shows mothing until second restart of Rack… Does that still not work?