Audible Instruments plugin subscribed and updated, but won't install

New user. I registered, installed a VCV rack that came with some basic modules. I suscribed to the Audible Intruments plugin, updated the library in my VCV rack, but no plugins. I then tried deleting the original modules that came with the basic rack, but Audible plugin still wouldn’t load. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks Gene

Did you restart VCV Rack after the plugin downloaded?


Yes. Several times. I hit Quit, then opened the app from the Start column in Windows 10. still nothing. Still says “updated.”

A few questions, what version of Rack are you using ? 1.1.6 ? When you browse to documents->Rack-> is there a folder : plugins-v1 ? In that folder is there a folder : AudibleInstruments ?

BTW you need to rightclick or just hit “enter” to open the plugin browser in Rack.