Audible Instruments: Macro Oscillator Synthesis Models Series #25

So this is another episode of the Braids series, this time exploring the Snare model, and this time also live. I really enjoyed how blippy and bloopy this model sounds like, and there is even a way to make this model speak :slight_smile:


Hi Omri! I really love your tutorials as I‘m quite new to the world of modulars, thank you for your work!
I have one tiny request tough: I‘m listening (not watching!) to your videos in my car when driving longer distances. The problem is, most of the videos have low volume and I have to turn up the level to maximum so I can barely follow. Maybe you can up the volume a bit for recordings in the future?

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Hey, thanks so much! Also for the feedback, I appreciate it! I really need to try harder when it comes to the levels of my videos. Maybe there are tools you can recommend? One thing about the live sessions like this one, it’s uploaded automatically to YouTube so I cannot really change the levels, but for the “normal” videos I can. Anyway, Thanks again!