Audible Instruments Macro Oscillator 2: Turn poly off on plaits?

I like the bass drum on plaits, but the polyphony seems to cause interference so that one hit will amplify/quiet its neighbor. Is it possible to turn polyphony off?

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Use a mono cable

I take it you’re talking about VCV rack 1.0? this behavior is present in Rack 0.6.2c…

Oh okay thought you were talking v1.

it seems that in the red modes, plaits is doing the 4 voice polyphony a la rings. which is cool for the inharmonic string, but not cool for a bass drum.

I was noticing yesterday that the plaits kick drum sounded really quiet compared to other levels and switched to trummor2 in that patch…

Both issues would just need to be levelled correctly I feel.

If any sound is too loud in the mix it will mask other sounds, if it’s too quiet other sounds may mask it.

Luckily there is a good few EQ plugs that can make room for clashing frequencies in a mix :wink:

the solution i’ve come to is just making my own bass drum from a vco + waveshaper with some envelopes.

Trummor2 sounds great but isn’t quite the sound I’m after in this instance.

have you tried: Vult Knock ?
Also one of the Starling Via modules, is capable of some very interesting bass kick sounds, forgot which one right now.

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I haven’t tried Knock, but I’ve heard it in a few of Omri Cohen’s videos - sounds great. (So far I’m waiting to spend money til i’ve been using the software for a bit longer. It’s funny cuz I’ve spent more than $2k on my tiny hardware modular that I barely use, and I’ve gotten soo much more music out of Rack in the last month.)

I haven’t loaded the Via collection, but I may check it out.

The signal path I’m using at present is Squinky VCO-1 into Squinky Shaper (“soft”, for body) and XFX Tube (for fizz) in parallel, with a short envelope for pitch and a longer one for amplitude. (Some of the longer envelope is mixed into the shorter one to give a slight downslope on the pitch in addition to the click, and I’m also sending the fast envelope into the Shaper’s gain CV. AS’s quad VCA is doing double duty to mix the envelopes and the two distortions in a tidy space.) This produces a nice 808 type sound with a bit of drive and click to help it stand out in the mix. (I’m not decided as to whether I prefer the sine or triangle for the base VCO.)

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Plaits just seems quiet to me in general. Don’t know if it’s perception on my part though.