Audible Instruments Macro Oscillator 2 (Plaits): Similar plugins for chord sounds?

I absolutely love the chord sound for macro oscillator 2 (Plaits) but I feel like with it I don’t have much sonic freedom and it can end up sounding repetitive. Does anyone know any other compact plugins with a similar sound? Specifically fixed transposable chords

Elements or Dexter come to mind but not sure if they can be considered “compact”

Thanks I’ll check them out. Not sure why I didn’t try Elements yet! Dexter is quite large but i’ll check it out too

Dexter is big and maybe overwhelming at first look , but it has every chord in one knob, and does inversions on another knob, all modulatable. Pretty awesome stuff. if you get confused, it has an awesome manual from Valley, or look through Omri Cohen’s excellent youtube videos about Dexter you will see it’s not too hard to get a nice sound going quickly.

Used it to make a track and really enjoyed using it thanks. It does use a significant amount of “power” though! More than both the reverb and the delay I’m using