AU Logic Pro routing/other questions

Tons of questions, hope I can get help on that.

How is everybody routing their AU in logic?The only way I found made no sense, plug-in to aux to buss to audio track.

Using logic as the clock, or at least the transport.

Triggering sequencers via midi.

Lots of questions, thanks in advance!

this sounds like it’s for multichannel output. so if you open the multichannel version of the plugin you can press the little plus button on the mixer channel to show the aux outs. this way you can have several outputs from one instance of the plugin.

the problem is that you can’t really do this for inputs. the only way to have midi and audio in is to load it as a midi-fx instrument on a software instrument channel. then you can use the sidechain input to get 2 audio input channels.

you can also bypass logic, selecting the your interface in the audio module instead of “DAW”, but i haven’t experimented enough with this to know if its reliable. I would eventually like to use this with my expert sleepers stuff to get more than one stereo input.

You can route the aux after hitting the plus to an audio track but that just seems silly. Maybe it’s a logic thing?

Interested in using logic as a transport, a lot of my stuff is song oriented with a structure and want to mix the multitrack down.

Another thing I noticed was the window is TINY and you can’t make it bigger, you can zoom out to seem more but then the labels are hard to read.

  1. Say you want to have kick, snare and hats all in one vcv window but route it to 3 different mixer channel to put different effects on each. But if you want it all on one mixer channel you don’t have to do this.

  2. You just add the MIDI to CV module and get the clock signal from there.

  3. You can grab the lower corner of the plugin window (just to the right of the scrollbar) to resize it.

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3 Thanks for that, helps a ton, always grab the corner of the window not the scroll.

Now I am getting all sorts of clicks and noise like a fuzz pedal losing its cool, splaters etc. Plenty of CPU and it works well sometimes, just when I set up the busses to Audio tracks it seems.

Can’t wait to get this running, have a dozen tracks I want to mix and release!