ASIO, ES-9 and Studio One

Hi all…

I am trying to use my Expert-Sleepers ES-9 in VCV-Rack inside of studio one. In VCV rack standalone, I am able to select the ASIO driver for the ES-9 just fine, but when inside of Studio One; the ASIO option disappears and I cannot use my ES-9 properly.

Any advice? Many thanks, Robert

I’m using es-3 but the workflow is similar for working in a daw , you have to set the routing thru the DAW , add input and output busses. Cubase 12 can handle multiple inputs(with sidechains) and outputs into and out of a plugin .

so choose es-9 as your Studio one audio interface and proceed from there…

I’m not using studio one , you might want to check for support or similar questions in Mod wiggler Expert Sleepers sub-forum. the developer is active there.

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