AS plugins (free and paid) on the way to v2

Hi everyone, just a heads-up! Already have the 3 plugins running on Rack v2 on Mac, will need to make some updates on the custom components side and the font code, but so far everything is going smooth… way easier than v0.6 to v1.0 for sure hehe.


That’s great news! :grin:

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Great news! Let us know if you need testers. I’m on Mac.

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Almost there, a few more components tweaking, Pc/Linux tests and compiles and all should be good to go fo V2:


Do you need a tester or builder on Mac?

I’m on Mac too so that front is covered, but thanks anyway :wink:

No worries, look forward to them being available.

I could test them on Win10/11

AS plugin V2 code is available now:


Thanks for keeping your plugins alive Freddy! :partying_face: